Sunday, September 30, 2012

It Was A Hard Day.

Saturday was a very hard day.  A special young man was laid to rest, my niece, Marla's son-in-law. He was just 22, with so much promise and much to accomplish, but though he was so young to leave a sweet young wife and two precious little ones, he had already accomplished a lifetime of dedication to his family, community, and his country.  Justin left this life Tuesday morning when someone fell asleep behind the wheel and plowed head on into Justin on his motorcycle, not much protection there. 
Justin was an EMT, fire chief of the local fire department, and in the National Guards.  He had a military memorial service, but was flanked by his fellow firefighters, emt's, and his motorcycle club members.  His memorial  service was held at the gymnasium of the school he attended, and it was packed.  If you had any doubts of Justin's character his fellow guard members, firefighter and emt buddies would have changed your mind.  To a person they all spoke of his caring attitude, his willingness to help others, and dedication to doing the right thing. He had just returned in April from a year's tour of duty overseas.  He at times gave up family time to help someone in need, but have no doubt, his family was his world.  His wife, Katie, said their little thing they always said to each other was "I love you more, then the other, "I love you most", then Justin would say, "but I loved you first".
I do not question the sovereignty of God, but on the way home I asked Bob, "why would God take this young man home now?", his answer was, "because it was Justin's time to go home".  It is as simple as that and yet complex to those who love Justin and just want him back. 
May God grant peace to Katie, Paityn, and little Colby, and all of Justin's family who will miss him so much in the days ahead.


A misty, foggy morning on the way to Uniontown, Ks.

Winding road east of Eldorado, Ks.

Some pretty scenery along the way.




  1. It's so terribly sad Velda. There are so many questions why but the most important and sometimes hardest thing is just to trust.

  2. It truly is, Cheri, as I have had to learn to do many times over the years. It is so true that when all you have is God you have all you need to get through the hard times.