Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Trains!!

It's a cool cloudy day, and we're on our way to another train expedition! This time daddy and Papa got to go along, and we actually got to ride on this train.  It was 2 engines pulling a string of cabooses.  It left from the Water park in Enid, and made a roundtrip to Drummond and back.  As you can tell from the pics the little boys, and the big boys really enjoyed this trip. They do this little trip 2 times a year, May & September, so mark it down on your calendars for in the spring!

We're on our way!

These are what we will be riding in!

Waiting To Get On.

Let's Go!!

This will be beautiful in a few weeks after a frost!

Summer still hanging on!

This little guy and mommy having a good time too!

Love the expression on Hunter's face!  Think he's having a good time!


I think they'll remember this trip a long time!

Just about done for this time!

This is the caboose we all got to ride on!  Looking forward to going again next time!


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