Friday, April 29, 2016

Catching Up!!

Whew, I am way behind on my pics and blog posts!  This year did not start out as I had planned.  I planned to catch up on some much needed closet cleaning and other household  projects, but the Lord had another plan for me to sit down and learn patience, which I really do need to learn!  I had decided to have  my cataract surgery which I had been putting off for a year, but could not see to do some of my favorite things, read, or any project that required clear vision, so thinking that this would be a piece of cake as everyone had assured me, I went ahead with it in January. Well, came to find out that I have very sensitive eye tissue, and after the first surgery I was literally blind in that eye for over a week.  One of the more scary, nerve wracking things I have been through.  It has since cleared up beautifully as the Dr. assured me it would.  I was very nervous about doing the second eye, but some adjustments were made.  It did fog up, but not as badly, and not for as long.  Anyway, during this process, I broke a tooth meaning several expensive dentist visits, came down with flu and therefore was visiting the dentist with fever and laryngitis, and to top it off my back went out, meaning chiropractor and neurosurgeon visits, and physical therapy,  a situation that I am still dealing with, but with some slow improvement, so the verse comes to mind, "We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps", Prov. 16:9 NLT. I am finding more and more each day that this is truly the way it is, and so I'm trying to make my plans loosely to allow for schedule changes that God may have in mind for my day. 
I have fallen behind on my picture taking, but will post a few in the days ahead.

My Town At Sunset

Two Little Love Birds

New Grain Elevators At The Coop

Old Barn Captured On The Way To Stillwater

Another One

Lovely Sunset View From Our Street Recntly

My Sweet Little Buddy Sissy

Spring Has Sprung!

A Bit Of Nostalgia

Spring Beauty

Peaking Through

Redbuds and An Almond Bush Blooming!

More Redbuds

Love Lilacs!!
Sunrise Recently

Almond Bush That Was A Tree And Got Mowed Off

Love Scott and His Sweet Family

 Let The Egg Hunt Begin!

 Now To Check Out The Loot!

 This Little Guy Found The BIG Egg!!

 Can't Wait To Get To The Candy!

Love This Sweet Family!!

Guess Who Found The Super Prize Egg?