Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Morning Sunrise!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Truitt Family Christmas 2013

Another family Christmas get together!! This is Bob's children and grandkids, and we are a houseful!! Several of these kids are 6 ft. tall or close to, and our house is small, so it made for lots of togetherness, lol!! They all made it this year! We're trying to decide whether to build on or rent a bigger building!! lol  Great bunch of kids here, and lots of fun and laughter!!
Michaela,  the youngest Truitt granddaughter, so she got to do the honors and open the first gift!! Grandpa watching!

Katie, another one in our family who loves to read!!

Noah, this game should keep him entertained awhile!!

Thomas getting ready to check his gift out!!

Tate happy with his Itunes gift card!! Micah and Noah looking on!

Ali with her display softball!! We got to watch her play softball in a tournament here this summer!! Sister, Katie, looking on!

Micah, our college student, gets her turn!! Her brother, Tate, ready to help  if needed, lol!!

She's getting there!

Don't want to hurry the suspense!!
It turned out to be a pair of black slacks just perfect for her teacher image. She is a junior at Greenville College in Illinois studying for her teaching degree!

Mike checking out the family bag!!

Lawayne looking through his family bag!! He's our Lowes employee, having worked there as a checker for quite a few years now!

Kevin and Brenda looking up, checking out how well son, Thomases new flashlight works!

Isaac, Susan's husband, relaxing.

These kids really love their daddy!!

Susan and Lawayne Relaxing Checking Things Out!

Let the games begin!!


Friday, December 27, 2013

Wimer Christmas 2013

I love Christmas, all the preparation, shopping, decorating, parties, family get togethers, children's programs, the beautiful Christmas songs, (Silent Night) says it all,   but above all else I love the reason for the season! So very thankful that God came down to dwell among us as a small baby with a huge mission to accomplish, Savior of a dying, sinful world!! Words cannot not express what this means to all of us, but "praise the Lord" it is for all of us, the peace, love, security, the, at last feeling of being so very special to someone, the King of Kings, and all we have to do is accept His free Gift to us all enabling us to dwell with Him forever!!  It absolutely does not get any better than that!
Here's just a few pics of a very fun, special time with my Wimer family!

Brad & Marshalene, think someone said to say, "cheese"! lol

Sweet pic of mama & baby!!

Does Scott look just a tad sneaky here?

Weiners for Christmas dinner, mema?

Serious discussion happening here!

Playing with his cousin's new Iphone!

Kyler after a hard day of celebrating!

Papa watching and enjoying the fun!

Scott happy with with new car vac and monkey butt powder!! lol

Checking his new car vac out!

The girls enjoying their goodies!!

Think Chelsea loves her new robe!!

I'd watch out for these two!!

Remington telling daddy how to do it!! lol

Kyler thrilled with his GameStop gift card!!

Hunter loves his new lego set!!

Sweet baby gets her own phone!

Wow, let me at it!!

Know he can't wait to get home to use this!
I collect Santa Claus, so here are a few celebrating with the sheperds and wise men!!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

First Snow Winter 2013/2014

Snow can be hazardous getting around especially as you get older, but it can also be very beautiful.  Don't know of too many people who don't just love watching it snow! Here's a few shots I got of our first snow of the season and just in time for  the Christmas season!  Actually, we did get a little bit of snow a week or two ago, but quite a bit more this time, and in the late afternoon and evening where we could actually watch it come down!
Snow Just Getting Started.

Wasn't Long Before It Was Like This!

Then This Morning We Had This To Wake Up To!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Passion!!

As you may have guessed by now one of my passions is taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets!! I caught this awesome sunset this evening showcasing God's extravagance! I came so close to missing it in all the busyness of getting ready to celebrate the birth of His Son!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stunning Sunrise This Morning!

There was a beautiful sunrise this morning, and this pic does not do it justice, but what an awesome display of God's glory and grace that He bestowes on us every single day!

And Our Little Bit Of Snow We Received A Few Days Ago!