Friday, April 18, 2014

No Rain, But Still There Is Beauty!

One of our beautiful sunrises recently!

Missed out again on the rain, but this was our consolation prize!!

So close, but it gave out before it got here! Trusting the Lord to give us a soaker one of these days!

Sounds like good advice! The One who holds our future knows best!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Early Morning!

Beautiful Sunrise, Sunday!
We missed out on much rain, (barely wet the ground),  but beautiful cloudy sunrise Sunday morning! Love the reflection on the clouds!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Family Time and Birthday Celebration!!

Last Sunday we celebrated a belated birthday party for Bradley and just enjoyed some family time and making memories!! Following are a few pics from Brad's birthday celebration!
Bradley and Scott sharing a fun moment!! These two crack me up!!  They are so much fun, life of the party as you can tell! lol

The guy side of the table enjoying a delicious meal that Marshalene prepared for us!! Daniel wasn't able to join us until later, but a plate of the yummy meal was saved for him!

The gals, and, well, Bob, side of the table!  As you can see Kay is blooming! Daniel and Kay's little boy is due next month.  Mema Koehn is going to catch up with me on grandkids.  Her daughter-in-law, Carissa is also expecting in August, a little girl!

I see just a bit on oneriness in this precious little guy's face!!

Well, not sure what's happening here!! lol

Daddy sharing his "R" rated card from Uncle Scott with Hunter! lol

This serious little guy is making sure the wall is level!! Think daddy must have shown him how to use the level! Looks as if he knows what he's doing!!

Daddy has plenty of help opening his presents!

Scott and son, Kyler, watching Brad open his presents!

Mema Koehn and Winston hanging out together!

Remingon trying out the boys Bob the Builder's hat!