Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sunrise And Other Things!

 Stunning sunrise recently!
God's way of saying, "good morning, have a beautiful day"!!

Sissy glad she's a house kitty with the cold weather coming in!
Before the Arctic Front

Lovely Crisp Apples

After the front!  My beautiful crab apple tree took a hit! Soon it will be just bare branches with loads of pretty red crab apples to feed the birds this winter!

Just a couple of inches, but was really pretty coming down! I'm a winter person, so am loving it!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Fun And A Few Other Scenes!!

Love watching these little guys go "trick or treating"!! Always love going trick or treating the downtown merchants with the little guys and their mama! This kicks off the holiday season for them! 
Sweet little guy waiting patiently to go trick or treating!

Don't be fooled though by that innocent little smile, there is definitely an onery side lurking in there!! lol

Hunter with his friend, Chloe, walking in the Halloween parade at school!

 Little Daniel Boone!!

There's Daniel Boone peeking out on the back row!

Deep discussion here with friend, Chloe!

Our little dinosaur after the downtown merchant walk for treats! They are ready to get home and chow down on goodies!

Now could these guys just look any cuter?  Grandma's can say that "you know"!!

Had to get mama in there too!!

The neighbor's next summer's wheat crop across the road from us!! Couldn't believe how quickly this came up. Hopefully, they'll get rain on it later today!

The following are recent sunsets in various colors, just spectacular sunsets out here on south 14th street!!

Last but not least a glorious sunrise that God painted for us recently!