Tuesday, September 23, 2014

God's Glory, And Fall Coming!

Awesome sunrises and sunsets lately as we go into fall!!! Also getting a start on my holiday crafts!! Love this time of the year!

Beautiful Sunrise This Morning!

Colorful Sunset Recently

A bit blurry on this one! Was taken from a moving vehicle, but awesome rain off to the southwest of us near Canton Lake!

The Hills Just North Of Southard

Can't wait to see this in a few weeks when the fall colors hit!!

Caught up with the rain west of Southard!

Door hanger crosses I've been making! A fun project suggested by my daughter-in-law!
These are available at Hometown Bulk Food In Fairview.
My Holiday Cross On Burlap

Another one on burlap!
Thinking it would look cute in a nursery!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

1st Day Of September 2014 Cloudy Sunset!

Got a bit of rain from some of these clouds!! Looking forward to having some pretty fall colors before too long!
Love the way the sun shines lighting up the clouds!