Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lake Fun!

For several weeks Hunter and I have been planning a lake trip to go treasure and lizard hunting, well, we decided that last Thursday was the day even though it was cool and rainy.  Rained on us all the way over there, and we were beginning to wonder if it was going to work for us, but just as we got there it slowed to a little drizzle, then stopped, YEA!  So we went first to the Sandy Cove camping area, and, nope just too cool for the lizzards to be out, so on to the beach to look for treasures.  Was a fun time, and mema got to get a few pics for her photography class assignment.  We'll try again on a warm, sunny day to look for those lizzards for Hunter's reptile cage!

This looks like a good place to dig!

Beautiful sight, sunflowers everywhere!! Have never seen them on the beach like this!

Loved this lone clump of sunflowers!

And this one looked so perfect for my macro shot!

Look at all that yellow!!

Rain moving on!!

This was one of my treasures!

More sunflowers!

Think this is a good place to dig, Mema!

Love this little guy!

Last but not least, more sunflowers!

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