Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wind, Rain, And No Electricity!!!

Electricity back on finally!!  We got some much needed rain last night and early this morning, but we also got some very strong winds and lightening.
I woke up around 2 a.m. to a hot house, kicking off covers, and no electricity.  Got up, looked out east where there was some awesome lightening, thought it was all done, and went back to a HOT bedroom.  Got up this morning and realized it had really blown hard during the night knocking a power pole and transformer down at the end of our street.  It also blew one of our front porch poles off into the bushes, and blew about half of the pears off our pear tree, pears just starting to turn color. 
Just got a weather bulletin, that we are in another watch, and possibly more storms tonight!  Think I'll keep an eye on it.  Oklahoma weather, you have to be prepared for about anything!

Working hard to replace a pole and tranformer that the wind blew down early this morning. We finally got electricity back at 3:30 this afternoon, YEA!! Yes, air conditioning has me very spoiled!
These are the Bartlett pears that were blown off our tree last night.  Going to wrap them and hope that they will still ripen.  They were just starting to turn.


  1. I love the shot of them working on your electricity and I love the last blog of the birds flying. Great photos!

  2. Thanks, Cheri! Was wishing I had been quicker on catching the geese flying. I could have zoomed in a little more and got a better shot, but was hurrying, afraid I would miss them.