Monday, July 4, 2016

Rainbows And the 4th Of July!

Really, really having a very different summer to date, lots of rain and cooler temps, but the indications are that summer is headed back this way! Sure have enjoyed the rain and cooler weather though!! Well, the 4th of July is nearly over, and I always kind of judge that as midsummer, and seems like time flies, and our kids are back in school. I admit that especially since I have gotten older I really love the fall and winter months! Life slows down just a little, (other than the holidays), and out comes the crochet hooks, a bit of sewing, and lots of good books to read.  Summer does have it's moments with grandkids baseball games and cookouts, so kind of a toss up! Posting just a few pics of recent days.
This is a post in progress! Captions to follow as time allows.