Monday, May 28, 2012

Busy, Busy, Fun Weekend!

Just had a super busy, but fun & exciting holiday weekend! Here are a few highlights starting Thursday evening with sweet little Winston's 2nd birthday party!
Getting ready to blow out the candles on his dump truck dirt cake!

Now moving on to the fun part, the presents!!
Saturday morning off to the big town of Ames, Oklahoma for a Root family reunion on Bob's side of the family.

The excitement started Friday evening with the earlier than expected arrival of little Remington Dave Wimer.  This is Saturday evening and big brothers are meeting him for the first time!!

Saturday evening, Winston checking out baby brother!

Moving on to Sunday evening and a Penner family reunion at Walnut Lake over by Ringwood, Oklahoma.  This is beautiful niece, Deanne, her little son, Cole, and sweet little Paityn, my great niece, Katie's little girl.

Little Eli & Noah, my sister, Joy's great grandson's!  Precious mischievious little twin boys!!

Enjoying that homemade ice cream!! 

Son, Scott & grandson, Kyler.

Niece & her husband, Kara & Dennis.

Well, we've made it to Monday, Memorial Day service this morning, then, whew, catching up at home.  This is the windbreak for my flowerbeds that Bob nearly got finished this afternoon.

And last but not least did get some time in to do one of my favorite things take some pics of the flowers!
Blackeyed Susan

Double Cosmos

The whiskey barrel flowers are getting there!  They actually like the hot weather we've had.

I am so glad that I got this pic.  My first lily to bloom.  I took this yesterday morning, then the hurricane winds moved in, and by evening it had only one petal left on it, one of the reasons for the windbreak fence!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Then There Were Three!!

Love at first sight for all concerned!! We are so blessed!
 A New Little Addition To Our Family
Remington Dave Wimer

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Out & About

Wow, hard to believe that harvest came so early this year, and the Lord has blessed the farmers with a bountiful harvest and perfect weather to bring it in!  It seems as if this whole year so far has been topsy turvy.  Makes you wonder what's next! I love all the the colors and sights of spring and early summer, and am taking lots of pics, so I can look back at this in July!
Fields Of Color!!
They Think They're King Of The Hill!
Our Neighbor To The West
Evening's Here, But The Day's Not Done

Friday, May 18, 2012

Special Times With Grandkids!

Grandson, Kyler's 8th Grade Graduation
Officially a high school student!!!

Little Saylor Grace Sleeping During Graduation

Sweet Baby Saylor

Happy Baby, Our First Great-Grandbaby, Saylor Grace

Flowers & More Flowers!

Beautiful Mother's Day Flowers From Some Special Kiddos

Wild Vetch Against A Field Of Wheat

Sippin' On A Vetch Flower

Nature's Puff Balls

One Of The Ditch Flowers.
Don't know what it is?

From Cosmos Seed That My Sister Joy Gave Me.
Love the delicate fern like foliage!

Double Marigold that came up from seed.
Must Be Good!!
The butterflies were everywhere!

Love these delicate looking little flowers!

More Cosmos!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nature and Sweet Mischievious Grandkids Equals Fun Times!!

Sky On Fire!

Scissortail High In The Cottonwood Tree Singing It's Song!

Wonder If It's Okay To Get A Drink?

Now, Bath Or A Drink, Which Shall It Be?

Summer & Water Fun Goes Together!

Loading The Water Pistols!

Big Brother Being Sneaky

Gonna Get You!!

Night Of The Brightest Moon Of The Year!

Awesome Moon!

Sure Wish This Would Hold Still So I Could Get A Drink!!

Now Mrs. Hummer Is Going To Try It!

Misty Moon!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Nature & Other Fun Things!!

Peonies in full bloom!

 First gaillardia daisy to bloom in my flowerbed!

Love gerbera daisies!

Yum, mulberries are ripe & sweet!!

My view from the patio swing!!


More butterflies!!

First oriole I've seen in the yard this season!!
Sissy cat enjoying a nice evening!!

Last drink before bedtime! 

Cloudless sky equals good pic of the moon!!

Hummer has to share with the butterflies and sometimes the bees!!

Pots planted, now waiting for the plants to grow!!

Beautiful sunrise recently!

Love red roses, and the fragrance is awesome!

Peaking through!!