Monday, October 20, 2014

2014 Fall Camp Out!

It has been 3 years since we did a fall camp out, and decided that it was time once again.  We all had so much fun and really would have like to have a couple more days!! The weather was beautiful, and so was the location! What a fun, fun time! The following are pics of our beautiful Canton Lake campgrounds and a wonderful family time! 
Settled In Now It's Game Time!

Daddy's Turn

Marshalene getting a pic of two of the campers!

And Game Time With Daddy!

First Campfire And Sweet Little Guy!

The Boys Enjoying The Camp Fire!

Time To Play Catch!

These Little Guys Had A Blast Camping!

Beautiful Fall Scenery Was All Around Us!!

Can you tell she's up to something?

Papa & Remington having a conversation!!

Yep, she's up to something!

Mama And Her Little Helper!

One Of The Weekend Projects

I think Brad has been coaching her on fire building! lol

This is how you do it!


Little Guy After An Accident. No Fun Falling And Getting A Knot On Your Head!

Well, maybe he over did it just a little bit! Surprised we came home with any camp chairs. LOL

Beautiful Skies And Fall Scenery

Love the night skies!!

Last Evening To Enjoy The Fire!

Big Bend is beautiful this time of the year, and yes, there is still a lake out there!! 

Tearing Down! Sure wish we could stay a couple more days!

Fall trees and camp lights almost looks like Christmas lights in the evening!