Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Christmas with Wimer/Truitt Family!!

Bob and I are blessed with a large his/hers family! We have 7 kids between us, 15 grand children, 1 great grandchild and another great grand baby on the way in August. We got to have most of them with us for Christmas except one family, and one son, Lawayne who passed away unexpectedly early this summer and was missed so much by everyone. We had a houseful on two different days back to back!  Our family has grown to the point that we had to migrate out to the garage which we had made into a make shift game room with air hockey, a ping pong table and an electronic dart board. We had so much fun, it was really neat seeing everyone and having such a good time! 

 Tate and Micah's Turn, Dad and Sister Watching

Truitt grandchildren giving air hockey a try!!

David and Noah trying their had at ping pong!
Time to refuel!  Susan, gal in the blue, is Sarah's mother.  Sarah is expecting in August, this will be Susan's first grandbaby!

Tummies are full, now time to relax!

These 2 sisters miss each other so much when Micah is away at college!

 Tate and his sisters, Micah and Michaela

 Micah, Michaela, and Isaac relaxing.

This is Sarah our new mother to be! She lost a baby early this year, so we are very excited for them! 

Noah loves his new hoodie!!

Kevin, Thomas and David. David is the new daddy to be!

Ali, likes her Christmas gift!

Our flapper gal and her sis! lol

Sweet and pretty sister's Micah and Michaela, Micah will graduate from Greeneville College in the spring. Congrats, Micah!

Well, Brenda will have to make do with store bought jerky this year since her dad didn't get a deer! lol

Bob is not sharing his favorite card with anyone! 

Love this etched baking dish we got from David and Sarah!

Mike and Kim posing for me! Great smiles!

Pretty sisters, Ali and Katie!

Wimer's taking their turn at the hockey table!

Scott and Hunter looking on! Think Marshalene is out for blood! lol

Papa entertaining the little guys!

Winston loves making bubbles!

Papa and Hunter's turn!

Sweet little Saylor has big smile for mema!

This little guy just cracks me up!! He is so funny, and doesn't even know it! lol

Cody and Hunter giving it a try!

Dad and son taking each other on at Ping Pong!

Another dad and son having a bubble blowing contest!

Remington says these darts are just my size!

Pretty Marshalene and Chelsea!! Love these gals!

Well, had to get at least one with mom/grandma in it!

Kyler's happy, all he wanted for Christmas was MONEY!!

I think Christmas has just about tuckered this little guy out.

Brad's gift from his brother, Scott! Brad had the old lava lamp that we had when he was a little boy out for years, and it just didn't look pretty anymore. The lava had gotten all broken up and yucky looking and they had put it away. Scott got him a brand new blue one for Christmas, and it is proudly displayed in their living room!

Papa's got his hands full here!!
It was just a great Christmas, and Papa and I enjoyed so much getting to spend these special moments with our children.  Christmas truly is a Gift from God, and getting to spend time with our family was an extra blessing! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Beautiful Sunrise Christmas Morning!!

Beautiful sunrise this cold and windy Christmas morning! Merry Christmas everyone and a great New Year!!
This was about 7:30 this morning and was really frosty out in my pajamas, getting these pics , but well worth watching the changing colors!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Morning Fog!

Love  foggy winter mornings!!
Beautiful foggy morning recently!!

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Christmas Tree Is Up 2014

The tree is up and did a little decorating today!  Starting to feel a lot like Christmas!
Sissy could hardly wait to get under the tree!!
So far she hasn't tried to crawl up in it like the first few years. A few squirts with a water bottle finally broke her of that! 

Taking her afternoon nap.

I collect Santa Clauses. This is just a few that are on the tree and elsewhere in the house!

One of my nativity scenes

A ceramic nativity scene that I have had for many years!

Bob and I still have to have our stockings up!! lol

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sunrise And Other Things!

 Stunning sunrise recently!
God's way of saying, "good morning, have a beautiful day"!!

Sissy glad she's a house kitty with the cold weather coming in!
Before the Arctic Front

Lovely Crisp Apples

After the front!  My beautiful crab apple tree took a hit! Soon it will be just bare branches with loads of pretty red crab apples to feed the birds this winter!

Just a couple of inches, but was really pretty coming down! I'm a winter person, so am loving it!