Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Flowers From My Garden!

Flowers, continued!!!!!  Loving all the flowers that are finally blooming out! The weather, rain, and cooler temps have been perfect for them! Thank you, Lord for your many blessings!


Barrel planter coming along nicely!

Love my lacy lavender, white, and pink cosmos!

Painted daisies putting on a show!!

Amaryllis starting to bloom!

2nd blooming for this pretty pink knockout rose bush from Brad and Marshalene for Mother's Day!

Butterfly bush blooming out!

Indian Blanket Daisy

Black Eyed Susan Daisy!

Petunia's looking good in the barrel planters!

Little different painted daisy!


Tiger Lily

More Beautiful Painted Daisies!

A gorgeous sunset to finish off the day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Family Fun!

Love family time!! It makes this mom/mema happy, and papa too!
Bubble Fun!!

Little brother trying to keep up with big brother!!

This little guy climbs up on everything! Scares Mema half to death.  This is mild compared to some of the things you find him up on, trees, roofs, tall, I mean tall, poles!

Scott just relaxing and visiting.

Okay, next thing is chasing each other with cottonwood branches!

Neighbor, Randy,  brought his kite out to let the little boys learn to fly a kite!

Funny Boy!

This pic cracks me up! You can see that the little guys were really excited about taking pictures! lol
Ummm, this was one of the better ones!
Picture courtesy of my neighbor, Betty!! Thanks, Betty!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sorrow, And Life Events Intermingle

The last couple of weeks have been a tangle of sorrow, work and even a little fun.  Truly a time to test what we are made of, and Who we can trust and rely upon to get us through.
Friday, the 6th we unexpectedly received word that Bob's son, Robert Lawayne had been found dead in his apartment in Enid.  When he did not return to work on Friday after being on vacation for a week, his work place had someone at his apartment complex check on him, and it was found that he had passed away. Bob was in Enid that morning on a MAGB run when he received the shocking call. The cause at this time is unknown, possibly heart attack or stroke. We will know more when toxicology tests are revealed  Lawayne was a gentle, quiet man, had never been married and lived alone. He worked as a checker at Lowes for many years, and all who knew him and worked with him described him as a kind, very helpful person. One of his co-workers when informed immediately broke into tears not able to believe it. Lawayne will leave a hole in our lives that we haven't even yet begun to realize as we go on here without him. We are sorrowful and missing him, yet at the same time so happy for him living in the Presence of the One who makes all things new! Lawayne has no more cares, worries, or pain, and he is now perfect in the Presence of his Savior! Pray for us who grieve as we go on without him.
Robert Lawayne

Winston, my little strawberry picker!

Painted Daisy

Gerbera Daisy after the rain!

Orange Poppys

Hollyhocks, lilies, and dill, a different combination!



Cone Flower

Indian Blanket Daisy

Black Eyed Susan with a little friend, I hope!


Painted Daisies

Our orange moon last night! Not a very good pic. Didn't take time to set up a tripod.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hummers, Mulberry Picking, and Butterflies!!

Summer time!!! Just doesn't get any better than berry picking, grandkids and nature watching!! Love this time of the year!
Had the wrong lens with me so pics aren't as clear as I like, but here they are! Fun day!
Beautiful evening, pink sky and hummers!

Little boys picking mulberries at the lake!

Marshalene getting up close to the berries, and I'm afraid poisen ivy! Was a miracle that we all didn't get it!

Just getting started! This from the first tree, the little boys ate more though, than I think we took home! lol


Well, moving along to another location!!

A brief stop to photo nature!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Penner Family Reunion 2014

It's that time of the year again! Every Memorial weekend we have our annual Penner Family reunion. In some ways we're growing and in others our numbers are getting smaller. We have little Penner's being born, and some are going on to join the Penner family in Heaven.  So this is a fun time but also a bittersweet time as we miss those who have gone on before us. We started out having this reunion in our backyard, but grew to where that wasn't really a very good option, so from there we moved on to a small lake near our nephew and niece, Leon and Sherry Koehn's house. It was an ideal situation for many years, a nice lake for fishing, paddle boat, picnic tables, and bathroom facilities.  We were able to usually have a weiner roast, homemade ice cream and potluck.  Well, this year we had to do it a little differently due to the fact that that place was not available to us due to maintenance, so we opted for the city park in
Fairview. It was touch and go because we had been having rain, and they were predicting more, but all worked out, and we had a beautiful evening, good turnout, and the little people loved the playground. It is always so nice getting to visit with family some of whom we had not seen since last Memorial weekend!!  These are just a few pics of our fun and very special evening!

Those who we have lost in the last few years, and miss so much are my brother, Kenny Penner, my sister, JoAnn Schmidt, and cousin, Lynn Dolan Penner, cousin's in-law, Roland Nobis and Dave Koehn.  There are others, but these are just the ones, we've lost since we started this reunion.
Cousin's visiting and catching up on the family news!

Little cousins who live half a state apart enjoying time together!

Mama caught this little guy trying to get away! Think he was going to the water park! lol

Brother's trying out the slide!

Climbing the mountain!!

Sweet little man going for a ride on the bee!

Two little cousins who really hit it off this weekend, having similar interests!

Looks like a guy thing to me!

Way to go!

Me next brother!

Guy talk here!

Don't think Larry wanted his pic taken either that or he was bored with the gal talk and sleeping under that cap!!

More gal talk.

Gals getting ready to leave. Sometimes this is hard, one living in western Kansas the other in Eastern Kansas!

Mama & daughter

These two families need to get these boys together more!

Niece, Sherry, who usually hosts this reunion at the lake near their home.  Bob and I and Sherry worked on it together this year. Don't know what We'd haved done without her!!
This picture taken by Marshalene Wimer.

Getting some last minute visiting in with some Arizona cousins!
This picture taken by Marshalene Wimer.