Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Random Pics Of Recent Days!

Haven't posted for awhile, so here are a few pics that I have taken the last month or so.  Had awesome rain a week or so ago, so yard, flowers, and garden are doing great!  It's making up for it now though, think summer heat has finally arrived.  We will see how long gardens and yards can take it!  

Just Another One Of Our Gorgeous Oklahoma Sunsets!

Pastel Sunset

Blue swallowtail Butterfly On My Cone Flowers

Delicate White and Yellow Lantana

Pink Amaryllis

Lovely Pink Zinnia


Butterfly On Yellow Daisies

Couple of Grandson's Snacking And Taking A Break At Mema's House.

Pink Knockout Rose, Yellow Daisies, and Deep Pink Hollyhocks

Backyard Flowerbed Looking Good With All The Rain We've Had

Love Painted Daisies

Family Getting Ready For 4th Of July Fun!

Going To Watch The Fireworks And Have Homemade Ice Cream!!

This Little Guy Is Trying To Stay Away From The Fireworks! More Fun In The Pickup Bed!

I Call This Miz Eggplant With A Big Nose and Funny Green Hat! Lol