Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Few Reason's Why I Like Spring!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random Pics Of Sunsets And Our Oklahoma Weather

 Fairview At Sunset
 Canton Lake Beach In January
 Little Bit Of Snow
 Full Moon!
 One Foggy Morning!
 After The Rain
 Looks Like A Storm Coming!
 Tower To The East
 It's Getting Closer!
 Sun Shining On The Clouds
And The Sun Goes Down! 

Pics From Our Roadtrip Last Weekend

Last weekend we made a short roadtrip to Dodge City and Garden City, Kansas to go to my sister, JoAnn's estate sale.  These are just a few of the pics I got along the way.  This trip was kind of hard for me because of memories of past trips to visit my brother and sister at Dodge and Ingalls, Kansas.  They have since passed away, and so the trips to western Kansas will not be as frequent.  I still have many nieces and nephews at Ingalls and a very dear sister-in-law in Dodge City, so there will be more trips in the future.  It will just be different. Many Thanksgivings and other holidays were spent at my sister, JoAnn's house going back to before I was a teenager and when my boys were little.  They always loved to go to Uncle Vernon and Aunt JoAnn's house and go see their fun loving Uncle Kenny & Aunt Donna, so many good memories of fun times!

 Old Homestead Between Fairview and Chester
 Funny Little Peaks North Of Laverne
 Old Mercantile In Englewood, Kansas
 Wide Open Spaces South of Minneola, Kansas
 Old Fashioned Way To Travel!  Will Work For Hay!
 Leaving Minneola
 At The Train Station In Dodge City
 BNSF Trains In Dodge City, Kansas
 Train Depot & Theater
 Train At Boot Hill
 On The Road Again To Garden City!