Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Catching Up!

I am so far behind on catching up my moments that I have caught on my camera, so am trying to catch up a bit.  This is September through end of October moments, and will caption as I have time. It is just a most beautiful time of the year, with temps cooling, fall camping trips, leaves turning to gorgeous colors.  The holidays are creeping closer and closer when we will celebrate our Thanksgiving season, and the wonderous Christmas season celebrating our Lord's birthday. Thank you, Jesus, for our many blessings!

Beautiful mushroom in my front yard recently!

Opened up and looks like a flower.

This little fellow came visit one day!

They are having to share!  The hummers are now gone for this year.

Beautiful Sunrise

Spooky Moon!

Getting ready to roast some hotdogs!

Playing a little football first!

Is it ready yet!

Let's do it!

Papa watching and saying "hi"!

Pics from a lake road trip!

Stormy Skies Just East Of Us

Got close, but no rain!

Halloween Moon

Sunset In Our Little Town

Love Campfire Smoke!

Our Annual Fall Campout With Family!  Fun Times!

Now This Is Relaxing!

Ask Papa to say "cheese" and this is what you get! lol

Time For Some S'mores!

A Bit Of Fall Colors

This Boy Loves Those S'mores!

Found Him A Marshmallow Roasting Stick! LOL

Part Of My Fun Family!

Their Condo For Our Campout!

NO Luck, fish not biting!:(

What can we do now, mom?

How about some crafts?

Funny Boys! 

Got Some Hot Air Going Here! lol

And this is serious business!

Papa and his boys!

Helping Get Caramels Ready For Apple Slice Dipping! Yumm

Back To Crafts Everyone!

Hey, we got 'er done!

Just the perfect spot to relax!

Neighbor flying those flags!

Dad teaching son the art of chopping firewood!

Brothers catching up!

Oh, no, sad packing up to go home! Can't wait til next time!

Dove In The Flames

One Last Bike Ride With Dad

My Morning Glories Are Finally Blooming!

Just A few flowers left in the flowerbeds.

Crab Apple tree is loaded!

Our little town shining in the early morning sun!

Recent Road Trip Pics

My Fall Craft Project

Some Trick or Treating Little Guys!

Pastel Sunset

Sunrise Pic From My Backyard