Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Truitt, Wimer Holidays!!

Cannot believe how fast this year has flown by, and we have once again celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family.  It is a time that I always really look forward to, being able to see our kids together which doesn't happen very often with these busy times and many relatives and in-laws to share the time with.  Family is so special, and I thank God for the beautiful family that Bob and I have together.  Most of them did get to come, but Terry's family and granddaughter, Sarah and husband, David, weren't able to come, and they were missed. This year it was a little more of a rush getting things done, because right after Thanksgiving Bob had to have open heart surgery and had 5 bypasses done, so with recuperating, rehab, trips back and forth to OKC, it hasn't really been a time when I could just enjoy the magic of the season and the blessings that the Lord has given us, but He has blessed us with Bob doing well from his surgery, and everyone had recuperated from the flu and colds and had safe travels back and forth. I'm looking forward to the new year and what the Lord has in store for us and know that whatever the new year brings He will be with us in it all!! The following are a few pics from our holiday get togethers!!
 Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and has a joyful New Year!!   

Wimer Family Thanksgiving

Wimer's gathered for Thanksgiving.  Our numbers were short because Terry's family didn't make it and Cody and Chelsea couldn't come, but we enjoyed plenty of food and fellowship!
Brad and Scott checking out the latest on Scott's Iphone.  Technology is amazing, and addictive!!
Marshalene and sweet little Remington posing for mema!!
Remington loves his Uncle Scottie!!

Wimer Family Christmas

Think these little guys are ready for something to eat!!

Mommy and Remington resting from all the celebrating!!

Little Saylor taking a little nap and getting some cuddle time with mommy!

Brad sweet talking his sweetie!!

Granddaughter, Chelsea, and her beautiful family, little Saylor and hubby, Cody!

Mommy and her little boys!! Had to take a lot of pics to get these little guys all together!!
Mema getting to spend some time with the babies!! They really do make the holidays special!!

Grandpa Scott and his sweet family!! Think I see a proud daddy & grandpa!
Papa and Remington visiting!!
Papa is getting over open-heart surgery, so he couldn't  stand and hold the babies because at this point he can only lift 5 lbs. until his chest heals.  So glad he is doing well.
Grandson, Kyler, looking forward to spending his gift card!!
Hunter was really tickled to get the remote helicopter he had been wanting!!
Winston just taking his time checking it out!!
Saylor likes the bags the best!!
I think Remington is a little overwhelmed by all this commotion!!
Bet he'll figure out these toys pretty quickly though!!
These two are a hoot!! Think they are really going to be friends.  Saylor loves to give kisses!!

Grandpa Scott and his precious baby girl!!

Whew!  We're ready to relax and watch a little "Bob The Builder"!!

 Truitt Family Christmas

Sweet family, Brenda, Kevin, & granddaughter, Katie!!

Katie checking out her Vera Bradley bag!!

Grandson, Thomas has plenty of ammo now! 
Alison got a couple of good books!! I've already put my name on the list to get to read them when she's done.

I think, granddaughter, Micah, is happy with her money gift!!  She will be able to use it on her mission trip this summer!
Don't think Tate will have any problem spending this!! He may have to watch little sis, Michaela, she may want to borrow some!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ups & Downs

This last month and a half has definitely been full of ups and downs!  We have gone to some awesome football games watching grandson, Gage, and his team work their way to the state finals.  So exciting to see your grandkids having fun and excelling at something that they love! These football games culminated last night at Stillwater, Oklahoma with Gage's team, the Blanchard Lions, beating the, Kingfisher Yellowjackets, 28 to 21 to win the gold ball.  We are so proud of Gage and his team who worked so hard to make this happen, the last time was in 1979, so it was a very  long dry spell for them.  We did not get to go to the game because of the down side of the last few weeks.  I did get to watch it livestreaming on my computer, though!
Bob had an appointment to have an angiogram done the Wednesday after Thanksgiving due to the fact that he had been having chest discomfort most of the summer.  We went to that appointment in Oklahoma City expecting possibly stints and an overnight stay at the most.  When the doctor came in and told me after the test that all his major arteries were major blocked, I was totally shocked.  He said that we were looking at possibly 5 bypasses, and possibly a two week stay in the hospital.  We were not prepared for this situation at all.  For one thing it is a 100 mile drive back home to Fairview, bills needing to be paid, a house cat, Sissy, who we needed to make arrangements for care, Christmas just around the corner, shopping not done, etc.  I can drive in OKC, but do not like to, and it makes me very nervous, so there was that lurking in my mind on how to get back home and get the necessary things for an extended stay at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, but the really big upside to all this is the support and prayers from family and friends that we had from the word go! The day of the angiogram when we found out the news, our pastor, Bro. David, friends, Galen and Sharon, Bob's boss, Bill, Bob's brother, C.A., our kids, Brad & Marshalene, Lawayne, Susan, and Sarah were all there to help Bob and I through this.  They all helped make the decisions needing to be made.  Then our friend and neighbor, Charlie, took over kitty duty at home, visiting and feeding her everyday that we were gone and just more or less  house sitting for us. Don't know what we would have done without her! The minute the news hit Facebook we had scores of friends praying for us all through the surgery and time in the hospital.  We totally believe that those prayers are what brought Bob through surgery just fine, (5 bypasses).  He was in ICU only 2 nights, and walked all the way from the ICU room to his regular room which was a long ways.  They said that he was ahead of schedule on how well he was doing, and by the 3rd day we were hearing rumors from the nurses that he might get to go home very soon.  On the 4th day, Bob's birthday,  the doctor came in and told Bob he probably would get to go home soon.  Bob told him it was his birthday, and he'd hoped to go home, and the doctor looked at him a minute then said "I think we can do that"!! Amazing a possible 2 week stay down to 4 days!  Only by the grace of God could all of this have worked out this way! Prayers, loving family and friends, blessings that cannot be bought.  What an awesome way to close out this year of ups and downs!!