Friday, October 26, 2012

Fall Fun Times


Days are getting cooler, and there are lots of fun things to do. At last the HOT days of summer are behind us, and we're digging out the jackets for our road trips. We headed to Weatherford a week  ago to check out the activities at a pumpkin patch east of Weatherford. There actually was a little pumpkin patch. I just didn't get any pics of it.  I was holding little Remington while Hunter and Winston picked out their pumpkins. Needless to say, we all had a fun time!!   

Here we go!! Looks like fun!

All Ready For This Train Ride!

Bet You Can't Find Us In Here!!

Don't Think Hunter Is Too Sure Of This View, But Uncle Jared And His Girlfriend, Jamie Will Keep Him Safe!
Mommie & Remington Having A Special Moment!  Think He's Cutting Teeth, Sure Loves To Chew His Fists!
Sweet Little Winston Enjoying The Swings!

Jamie Giving Mommie A Break Toting Chunky Little Remington!

Okay, Now How Are We Going To Do This?


Made It To The Top!!
Whew, Tuckered Out!!

Okay, Mommie, Now How Do You Play Checkers?

Think This Little Guy Is About Done!
This One Too!
The Road Home!
Almost Ready For A Nap!


  1. What a fun day out! Those boys are the cutest things ever and what a chunk! I think they are pretty blessed to have such a family.