Friday, March 22, 2013


This blog entry is a little different.  It is some of the beautiful faces in my life!  All I can say is "I am blessed beyond measure"!!  You may have seen some of these on my other blog entries, but they help tell the story of some of my precious family!  

Picture Of Innocence

Face Of Mother Love

Loves His Mom

You Don't Mean It!!

I Don't Believe It!!




World Through The Eyes Of A Child!


Is Another Pic Really Necessary, Mema?


Sweetness & Innocence!!
Nearly Naptime


Love Rides A Harley!
Beautiful pic stolen from Chelsea! Love these two!

Grandpa Loves His Beautiful Grandbaby!!

The Beauty Of Youth

Really, Papa?


Sweet, Sweet, Sweet! 
(Have to admit it.  I stole this one from Marshalene's blog).  Love this!!

Always Smiling! 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Girl's Day Out!!

Friday Marshalene and I got to have a girl's day out!! First we went to Hennessey, and Chelsea gave Marshalene a color touch up while mema got to play with little Saylor Grace!  Then we had a delicious lunch at a neat cafe in Hennessey that specializes in sandwiches, soups, and yummy desserts.  I had the biggest & best roast chicken chef salad that I have ever had! Then Chelsea had to go back to work, so Marshalene and I headed north to Enid and some good old browsing around Hobby Lobby, one of our favorite stores. Next on our outing was a stop at Braum's, oh my, mint chocolate chip ice cream!!  On the way home Marshalene whips into the old antique shop in Lahoma, saying "I've always wanted to stop here"!  Wow, lots of old neat stuff to check out there!  Then since it was going on 5 o'clock, we decided we probably better head home!  What a fun day, and just what we both needed.  Thank you, Marshalene, for inviting me along to share your day out!

This is the happiest little sweetie ever!!

Who needs this thing?  I'll just push it!!

Such a cutie, and she loves to pose for pictures!!

Just two pretty girls!!
Please don't kill me Marshalene for putting this one on here!  Just thought this was such a sweet pic of you two!

Well, Saylor's done in!! We did a good job of wearing this little gal out.  Mema doesn't mind the rest either!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Busy At Mema's House

Just a few happenings at Mema's House!  Never a dull moment when you have little people around! These are some busy little boys! 

Winston concocting one of his experiments!

Now this is how you do it, mema!  Looks as if he is cutting little bisquits, but he is chopping his play dough snake into bits!

Remington loving those Applejacks! He is figuring out how to make those little fingers work!

Uncle Scott with his little buddy, Remington

If you look right in the middle of this pic by the yellow post, you will see a little black and white kitty, (not the kind I like) headed down the street.  Sure glad this little guy didn't come to visit us! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Recent Random Pics

Just a few recent pics that I've taken.  I'm looking forward to spring and lots of neat springtime scenes to shoot pics of and indulge my photography addiction! 

Bob's Garden Boxes Waiting In The Snow For Spring Planting

Awesome sunset I caught last week Wednesday evening after the snowstorm!
The snow's just about gone, but left some wonderful moisture for the countryside!
Old wagon wheel holding up the fence!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pics Of February 2013 Snowstorm!

The weathermen had been predicting this storm for a week ahead of time.  We were all so used to them missing the mark for Western Oklahoma that I don't think anybody really took the warnings seriously until almost too late.  People started stocking up on groceries the day before, and we brought our generator up to the garage, just in case, so glad we did! Thought we would wake up to snowcover Monday morning, but had had 2 inches of rain during the night, but no snow, so I thought, well, here we go again.  Was super thankful for the rain, but just wanted also to see some of that pretty white stuff they had been talking about for a week.  Well, as the day went on we started to see some sleet, then some flakes, and they just kept getting bigger & bigger.  It wasn't long before we were in a whiteout situation.  I may have mentioned that Bob works for MAGB a senior service transportation company.  He had 2 people he needed to take to Enid that morning for dialysis.  Since it wasn't snowing when he got up (4:40 A.M.) he decided that it would be okay to go and ahead and go.  I didn't get up until 7 and was really surprised when I got up and found that he had gone ahead and gone.  I quickly turned the weather on, and they were now calling for even more snow than before, and it was moving into Major County.  I was getting very concerned that Bob wouldn't get back to Fairview before it moved in.  I called him and told him what the weathermen were saying, and he  just said "it will be alright".  Anyway, it started snowing big flakes between 10:30 and 11a.m., and Bob made it home shortly after 11 just beating the white out situation.  We lost power around 8:30 that evening and were really thankful that we had the generator ready in the garage.  We were just out of power 2 nights, but many people in Western Oklahoma were and still are out of power nearly a week later.  We are all deeply thankful for the people who have worked so hard to get the power back on, and the city workers and others who graded streets and parking lots.  So many people went out of their way to help others.  What a blessed community we live in!!  Below are a few pics of the snowstorm that the weathermen hit right on the nose this time!

Just Getting Started!

 Picking Up speed!

White Out!
Brave Neighbor Out In The Thick Of It!

Piling Up!

Evenings Here, Still Snowing!
Well, We Wanted It, And We Got It!

Beauty In The Morning!
Love The Sun Shining On The Snow & Bushes!

Snow Frosting

Son, Scott, working to make a path in our drive, so we can get out!

No relaxing on the patio for awhile!
Got to keep this little cutie the next day so, mama and daddy could take big brothers sledding at the park. 
Some scenes west on highway 60.

Snow piled high around this old tractor.

Love this blue pond in the canyon!
Snow covered Gloss Mountains in the distance.

On The Way To Feed Some Hungry Cattle!
Working Hard To Restore Power!