Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just A Dusting Of Winter Snow!

The Lord blesses us every morning with His beauty in the beautiful sunrises and the seasons!  Love that every morning it's a different picture!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunrise And Lake Pics Sunday 1-26-14

The way to start the day, with a beautiful sunrise!!
It was an awesome day for January, so this afternoon I took my camera, and we rode down to the lake to see how things are looking there.  It really makes me sad to see how the lake has changed.  2 years ago this spring a devastating tornado went through and bascially destroyed the beautiful Canadian area campground.  They have cleaned up alot of the devastation and are in the process for putting in new campsites, but all the beautiful shade trees are gone.  Then last spring Oklahoma City lakes were down, so they drained our lake until it is nearly unrecognizable.  Tragic situation for all the fish and wildlike around the lake.  Also as we were driving down Thunder Road we noticed that there has been a fire recently along Thunder Road, so more trees destroyed.  Really hope we have some good spring rains to help bring the beauty and our lake back to us!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Evening And Morning Sky!

A few more totally awesome sunsets and early morning pics in Major County Oklahoma!!


Friday, January 10, 2014

My Favorite Pics Of 2013

These are the photos that I submitted to JGM Galleries for their 2013 Blog Project.  It is a really neat project that they do each year to help people learn to take better photos and display the ones they feel are the best of the ones they have taken through the year. I really enjoyed this, and it was difficult to pick out just a few of the ones that I liked best!  I love going back over my photos and remembering the circumstances and memories that they bring back.  I especially love nature and landscape photos as you can tell!!  You also have the opportunity to view all the entrants photos.  Many are so amazing that they take your breath away! Thank you, JGM Galleries for this opportunity!

Brotherly Love

Golden Mirror Image

Evening Glow
Beauty Of Age
Early Morning Light

Captured In The Light


Cold Beauty
Calm After The Storm
Morning's Heavenly Light
Dawn's Early Light
Beauty In Flight
Deep Thoughts


Peaceful Evening Glow