Friday, September 7, 2012

Road Trip Fun!

The day started out with great weather, so off we headed for a little road trip with the little guys!  We had been  looking forward to this all week.  Mema had not been to watch the trains at Waynoka, so this was the day!! We had lunch at the depot which has an El Charro cafe inside, and a really awesome museum upstair which has just recently been completed with lots of train memorabilia, wall murals, and a large train set up that takes up nearly one room.  Then we went to the city park which is right next to the train tracks, spread out the blanket and waited.  It wasn't long before we heard the train whistle blowing and the excitement began.  Altogether we saw 5 trains during the afternoon.  Then the north wind blew in and the dirt started flying, so it was time to head home.  We made several stops along the way to takes pics of old homesteads and barns which is something Marshalene and I are both very fascinated with.  Was a fun day, and I am looking forward to another road trip really soon.  I can hardly wait until the leaves start changing!!

The renovated depot which has an El Charro Restaurant on the ground floor and a  museum on the 2nd floor.

I think it is still a work in progress.


Taking a break as we wait.
Uh oh Winston hears one, and thinks they are just too loud!
Here it comes around the bend, a Burlington Northern Santa Fe!
An unusual visitor by this little red caboose!
Can't catch me!
Hunter checking this one out!

Marshalene and Remington enjoying the day!
An old landmark on highway 412.  Used to be a little pitstop to gas up and get a  bite to eat. Sorry to see this falling down.
An old homestead south of Waynoka complete with a storm shelter very similar to what I grew up going to during storms.
One of my favorite things to photograph old weathered wood and sunflowers!

Has seen better days!

Hope they don't still use this!  Looks about ready to fall down.
Look at the dust blowing!! Can hardly see the Gloss Mountains for the dust!

Nearly home!  Cannot believe how the beautiful weather went south!!


  1. Great photos Velda! Looks like a lovely day!

    1. Thanks, Cheri! It was a fun day, and the weather was great until that north wind & dust chased us away!

  2. Isn't Waynoka an amazing little town full of history! Loved learning about the Harvey House Girls in the museum. The "pit stop" on 412 has powerful memories for me. I don't remember it ever being open, but as a little girl traveling from western Oklahoma to eastern Oklahoma to see my Grandma, I knew when we passed it we were "almost out of the desert" (which is what I thought the Gloss Mountains were). When I pass it now it makes me smile to remember that. I hate to see it falling down too.

    1. So do I wish it could be restored. I too have lots of memories of traveling by it on holidays to visit my brother and sister in Western Kansas. It was tradition for a long time to have Thanksgiving dinner at my sister's house southwest of Dodge City. She and my brother have both passed on now, but lots of sweet memories of traveling through the Gloss Mountains when the boys were little. There are many funny stories traveling with 3 onery little boys!!