Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend Fun!!

It's been a busy, but fun weekend whatwith watching grandson's football game in Bethany, and having the Gloss Mountains Cruisers show in Fairview this weekend! It's been a hot, hot weekend, but didn't stop us and many others from enjoying it and being thankful and blessed to see and visit with friends and family!!  What an awesome community we live in, love it!!!

Geese flyover before the game at Bethany!! It was soooo hot around a 100 degrees, and I think they must have been headed north to find some cooler temps!!
Halftime fireworks display at the game.
Grandson, Gage Wimer, who plays for the Blanchard Lions getting ready to kickoff!
There he goes, good kick!!!

Really felt sorry for the players in the heat.  You can tell from Gage's wet head that they had been working hard in the heat!

Gage, #88, trying to get to the quarterback!!

Truitt grandson, Noah Truitt, #71 on the Bethany team.  He is a freshman, so didn't see playing time, but know he will.  What fun having grandson's on both teams.  We sat on the Blanchard side the 1st half and the Bethany side the 2nd half.

As you can see Blanchard was doing well in the 3rd quarter.  The game wound up being Blanchard 46, Bethany 7, a hard fought game by both sides!


Moving on to the car show on Saturday, another fun day.  This is son, Scott's new camaro he entered in the show.  As you can tell, he's had lots of modifications done to it.  It has an awesome sound system and pretty colored lights inside and underneath that move according to the beat of the music, and is really pretty at night!! He wound up in the top 3 in his division of cars.

Loved this little car!! It was just one of many neat entries.  I believe this was one of the largest shows that this club has had here yet.  The heat sure didn't stop them.

Bob's employers had a yummy smoked meat sandwich stand which is where we ate lunch, and it was delicious.  Thank you, Merle and Joyce!!
The Wimer, Penner, and Koehn families enjoying the show, and, of course, these are my sweet grandsons, Brad & Marshalene's boys!!
My neighbor, Charlie, and friend, Jane Eitzen out enjoying the show and taking a little break!


  1. Thanks, Cheri, and thank you, Marshalene,for the awesome fall makeover you have done on my blog!!! I love it!!