Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meadow Lake & Little Boys!!

After a quick trip to the doctor Friday for little Remington, we decided to get lunch at McDonald's or "Old McDonald's" as Hunter calls it and go to the park for a picnic!  This was a first for me having never had a picnic at Meadow Lake park before.  The weather was perfect, maybe just a little warm, but not bad, and the little boys, mema and mommy had a good time!
Loved watching them feed the ducks and run around the train track they have in the park.  It is really a neat park and a great place to relax! 

Beautiful day to relax at the park!
Marshalene and her boys enjoying a fun day!
Of course, where Hunter goes, he has a little shadow!!
Winston feeding the ducks!
Hunter too!
Little brother wishing he could just be out there with his brothers!



  1. I love these pics! I'll have to get these from you sometime. So glad you had your camera with you and so glad you were able to go with us. :)