Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thursday After School!

Hunter has been going to school a week now, and mema just gets to have him on Thursdays now for a couple hours after school, and his first request is a frozen mocha from Tin Lion, then we watch a video for awhile!  He's relaxing here after a long day at kindergarten!

Morning Sun Shining Through!

Sun shining through at 8 o'clock this morning, getting ready to do it's scorching thing today!  Supposed to be the hottest day this summer, just in time for the Gloss Mountain Cruiser's Show!  Bob and I went early this morning to beat the heat!

Not even quite 8 o'clock, and already almost 80 degrees!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sweet Baby!!

Love this little sweetie!! She is a little go-getter!  Got to spend some time with her Tuesday, and I think we wore her out! lol

Sweet Baby Girl!

Saylor Hanging Out With Her Aunt Marshalene
Sweet Dreams, Sweetie!!  Her mama took this pic!!
Resting Up!

Sunsets And Night Skies!!

 South 14th Ave. Sunsets!!!
 Love taking pictures of sunsets, and this is just a few!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Relaxing Evening Of Random Picture Taking

Sometimes I like to just sit on the patio swing and take pics or just randomly take pics of whatever strikes me!  Love it, no pressure, just relax and have fun!! These are a few I have captured lately.

Sun going down, and a beautiful evening!

Sun glinting off of the scissortails on the antenna.


In Black & White, love these options on my digital camera!!

Night of the blue moon!

Roses making a comeback!

Little guy watching me take pics of him!!

Little bit windy, and have to share with the yellowjackets!

Pots, vincas, petunias, and would like to know what the tall lavender ones are.  Got this pot from the FFA kids this spring, and it has been so pretty all summer!

Wish I had taken this one, but my son, Scott took it last week in San Diego on a business trip!  He said temps were in the 70's, and it was just gorgeous there.  Said if he ever moved this is where he would like to live!

Statue of one of the explorers who sailed to the California coast.

Well, little different theme here!  This was my project for this afternoon, big jar of pickles for a granddaughter, and a jar of pickled hot peppers for my son's birthday! We'll keep the little jar for Bob and I.  Still eating on crock pickles!

And, of course, have to have at least one pic of a grandkid!!! Love this little sweetie!  Thursdays have been grandkid day here for a long time.  Well, Hunter, is in school all day now , so the arrangement is a little different.  Winston is here in the morning, then I picked up Hunter from school at 3:15, and he spent a couple of hours with mema . 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Roses And Flowerbeds Gone Wild!!

This amazing summer has really been kind to flowers & gardens! My roses are blooming again, and some of the flowers in my flowerbeds are nearly waist high!  Unbelievable!!
My flowerbeds look like a jungle! Hard to believe that I started out with all the bare spots this spring! Most of these flowers came up from seeds or bulbs.  I spent very little money on flowers this year, just for a few flowers for pots!

Look a little ragged, but I still even have some daisies!

This huge flowerbed squash plant is keeping us supplied!!
This is one plant that grew, and grew, and grew!!!
Roses Are Setting On Again!!

 Peaking Through!!

Spectacular Sunset Last Night!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Parties, Swimming, Road Trips, Fun Times!!

Recent events the last few weeks..............
Fearless little guy!!! He had his 3rd year of swimming lessons this year, and boy has he taken off!! He called me the other day, and said, "Mema, I dived in and touched the bottom"!  Told him that I couldn't swim, and he said "just doggie paddle, and you can save yourself"!

2 more fearless divers, diving off the roof!! Cannot believe it, and made me nervous watching!!

Nothing more fun than a weiner roast, and the weather has been perfect for it!

Love Marshalene's sunflower's in her backyard!!

Aunt Kay Kay and Remington relaxing!

Sweet little Hannah!!

A pretty mischievous bunch here!  lol
My second bunch of crock pickles this summer ready to sample! 

Fun day train watching at Waynoka with Marshalene and the boys!!
Think he's thinking "I can do this"!! This little guy is finally starting to walk! Love the expression on his serious little face! 
He has a bread and jelly sandwich clenched in his little hand!

Water balloon fun!!

Pretty crepe myrtle bushes by the depot!

Conductor and two little engineers!!

Hunter enjoying mama's cell phone!! Goodness, they learn early on those things!!  Thankful because Hunter calls me quite often to tell the the latest neat thing happening in his life!! Makes my day!

Sweet little monkey climbing trees!!!

Love the smile and big blue eyes on the little guy!!  He makes us all smile!

Brothers, can you tell they love each other? 

Mema and Remington taking it easy together!!

On the way home from Waynoka, Cimarron River south of Waynoka

Looks kind of spooky, buzzard on top of this old dilapidated house!

Country road west of Fairview.  Love road trips!!

Flags honoring a long time family friend that they laid to rest Friday afternoon.  Rest in peace, Leonard.