Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer 2016

Moving along with this summer of 2016!  These were all taken the month of June.   We are blessed to live on a street that gives us the convenience of living close to town, but also close to nature and seeing God's glory in the sunsets and sunrises each day!
No not snow in June!! We have huge cottonwood tree that does this to our yard every summer.  The shade we get from this huge tree more than makes up for the inconvenience of the cotton all over everything for a few weeks!

Was so excited to see this quail pair in our yard recently! We used to see them quite often, but they have gotten less and less in the last few years.  

Not ours, but we get to enjoy watching our neighbors horses! They are beautiful and so well taken care of!

Our garden boxes! Getting some delicious squash and will soon have some tomatoes!

Enjoying a drink in the heat!

Love the different colors every night in the sunsets on so. 14th!

Harvest has started in the field across the street from us!

Loving my wild flowerbeds! As mentioned in my last post, I've been down in my back since the first of the year, and the flowerbeds have more or less had to just take care of themselves.  All the flowers except for the pots and barrels were perinnials or came up volunteer.

This is our kitty, Sissy, enjoying being outside in her pen! She is way spoiled, but also a very good, well mannered kitty.

First campfire from our first campout a couple of weeks ago.  Camping is one of my very favorite things to do.  Especially in the fall when a huge campfire feels good, and the kids and grandkids are there also!

Our awesome lake that is finally full of water again after being drained for OKC water needs and work that is being done on the dam!

A thunderstorm that built up very quickly while we were at the lake! We lucked out on this one, just a bit of wind and a few drops of rain.  It did cool it down for the evening though!

Didn't take long, and the sun was shining again!