Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Beauty!

I'm actually a fall and winter person, but I do love all the flowers and nature creatures of the summer time.  The butterflies are really busy lately and haven't captured any good pics of the  hummingbirds, but they are enjoying the flowers and nectar that I put out for them.  We also have had some young rabbits all summer that have really been making themselves at home in our yard.  We don't have any dogs in our neighborhood,  and just an indoor kitty, so the rabbits and birds feel safe to hang around the yard.  
The Monarchs are starting to show up!

I call this my "wild flowerbed"! There are actually some whisky barrel planters in there somewhere! lol

Our neighbor's lovely crepe myrtle bush!

Pretty bougainvillea plant my neighbor gave me last year.

Knockout Rose Bush

The last of the hollyhocks

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Beautiful Sunrise and Full Moon

Lovely sunrise last week, and full moon night before last! Wish my pics did it justice.  It was beautiful!!