Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I love, love nature, flowers, birds, you name it, and one of my favorite things is to have my camera close and catch nature pics.  This heat is just wringing my heart for the little creatures that have to suffer through it!  Well, I do feel for the 2 legged creatures who have to work in it also, but most can at least find an air conditioner somewhere or get a good cold drink.  Have been watching these birds struggle the last few days with the heat and am glad that I can at least provide a drink and a cooling bath for them! 
Soooo Hot!!!
Just A Bit Cooler Here!
Young Purple Martin Getting Ready For Flying Lessons

Little Purple Martin Cooling Off!
Baltimore Oriole Waiting For His Turn!
Ordinarily purple martins do not land anywhere, but on their houses, tv antennas , or roof tops, but these are so young they don't know any better and are taking to the water in this heat, and the mama's have been flying down to them feeding them.  Smart little birds!!!


  1. It's so hot, my flowers are all drooping!

  2. Mine too, Cheri! Between watering the garden & flowers and leaving a little going for the birds I'm afraid to see my water bill and electric bill this time!!