Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July Fun With Friends & Family!!!

These Wimer boys may be grown up, but the 4th and fireworks still are one of their favorite things!!

Papa Truitt & Hunter waiting for the big bang!

Little Winston ears just can't take the loud noise, and many thanks to this gracious lady, Lavada, for all her hard work in making it a very special evening for all of us!!

It's just too much for this little guy!! Not even mommy can console him!

Grandson, Kyler, making a quick get-away!!

Winston found the solution!! Lock yourself in the car with suckers, and the windows rolled up!! Some tense minutes until daddy drove back to town for the spare car key!!
Okay, sun going down, so soon time for the pretty stuff!

Having all had homemade ice cream and lots of other goodies, we are all waiting!!
Hunter didn't care for the noise either, but was still having fun with his friend, Carson!!

Here goes!! Thanks guys for a super spectacular fireworks display, and safely setting them off!!

A couple days later Mema Truitt got to keep this little guy for a few hours, and actually got a little smile out of him!! Sweet little man!!

Precious little Remington Dave Wimer.

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