Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mowing Done, Time To Relax!

Got my two acres mowed this morning to beat the heat, and now the fun time, editing pics that I have taken the last few days of flowers that are coming along in the flowerbeds.  I've been playing with my camera settings on blurring the backgrounds and trying to get more definition.  Still need to do more work on that!!  Trying to control camera shake especially on the closeups. 
Twin Blackeyed Susans

Salvia Fighting For It's Space To Grow

Cannas In Full Bloom


Old Fashioned Petunias

Enjoying My Short-Lived Lilies

Gettin' A Taste!

Large Sunflower Bud About To Pop
Taking a picture every day, so I can do a time lapse on it!


  1. These are such beautiful pictures! You should submit some of our photos the birds and bloom magazine. They remind me of the photos in that magazine. :)

    1. Thank you!! I've been playing a little with settings on the camera. Mainly want good color and sharp, clear pics. Fun!
      Enjoyed lunch with you and little Remington today!!

  2. I meant to say YOUR photos. :)