Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some Of My Favorite Things!

Sunday, Showing Some Yellow!!

Spagetti Squash Taking Over The Flowerbed!
Lovin' All The Color!

Hydrangia 2nd Bloom
Tuesday AM
These little ones fell from their nest this morning.  Hope they make it!

Good thing Sissy is an indoor kitty, I know the babies wouldn't make it!
Up, Up, & Away!! Winston waiting for his turn!

Here We Go!  Notice the thumb stays close to the mouth!  Hunter too! 
Pretty Mama And Little Remington

Tuesday Evening

Snapdragon's are starting to bloom.
Planted a lot of these flowers from seed this year, and many of them came back from seed.
A mix of this and that.
4 O'clocks are blooming pretty this evening!

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