Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flowers, Stormy Sky, & Father's Day Fun!

It has been a whirlwind last few days, catching up on yardwork, cleaning & cooking getting ready for a fun Father's Day with family. Took some time out to get a few flower pics and sat out on the patio the evening the gust front blew in and watched the dirt blow.  We had a great time with Bob's family that could come, and the Wimer kids.   Love summer because it means more fun times with family!  4th of July is just around the corner, and that will mean another opportunity to gather with family and enjoy time together.  God continues to bless us daily with beautiful weather, rain, just when we need it, and awesome family and friends to enjoy!  Thank you, Lord!!
Finally wide open!! Love it!
Gust Front Blowing The Dirt!
Love Watching Storm Clouds
Looks Pretty Fierce, But Missed Us!
Getting Ready For Father's Day Get-Together
The Guys Have Got It Covered
New Daddy, Cody, And Precious Saylor Grace
Kyler, Aunt Marshalene, and Lavada Checking out Kyler's Pics
Pretty Mommy & Saylor Grace
Mema Getting Some Saylor Grace Time!
Kyler & His New Ride!  Watch Out!
Brad & His Boys
Mema Koehn & Winston Enjoying The Beautiful Evening.
Susan Taking In All The Action!
Scott & Kyler Taking It Easy! 
Brad & Winston Relaxing After Some 4 Wheelin'
Sweet Grandkids With Their Little Saylor
Precious Little Remington Just Can't Stay Awake!

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