Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring One Day, Winter The Next!

Living in Oklahoma in the winter time you learn to get out and enjoy the beautiful springlike days when you can because it can change really quickly! Friday was a gorgeous preview of spring, so we got out and took advantage, horseshoes, bubble making and cooking out!  So glad we did because look what blew in the next day, an arctic blast!! Oh,well, was fun while it lasted!

Winston watching the bubbles float away!
They never get tired of making bubbles!

Okay, let's try our hand at horse shoes!
Remington helping mommy cook the dogs!

Daddy shows them how!

The Next Day!

Sissy, oh, if I could just get to them! lol

Coming In Again!!
About melted now, and more is expected tomorrow!

Beautiful colorful sunset the next evening, so many pretty colors!

Love our Fairview skyline in the sunsets out here on South 14th!

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