Monday, February 24, 2014

Little Boys!!

Some fun times with mema! I hadn't had the boys over for a couple of weeks due to illnesses and other circumstances, so think we were all ready for a mema day! Yesterday Marshalene called, and Remington was really sick with fever and congestion, and she needed to take him to the Urgent Care clinic in Enid, so she called to see if Hunter and Winston could stay with mema and papa for the afternoon, and of course, they could!
 We had a great time.  First off watched a new "Curious George" video, then moved on to some games, Candy Land & Go Fish.  Then we all went outside for awhile to check things out.  Was a fairly decent afternoon, so we decided to go to the park for awhile, what fun!! 
Hunter relaxing watching Curious George.

Winston was more interested in getting the wooden train set set up.  He's checking it out pretty closely here!

Okay what shall I do next?

This looks like fun!

Sweet little Winston having fun! I see a kool aid looking moustache! lol

Wheeee!  What a ride!

Winston's turn!

This action was not approved by mema, but he didn't ask me! lol

Winston just enjoying the day!


  1. Loved the pics! Thanks for letting them hang out with you. They had a great time and they were so tired that night, they didn't even want to read Bible Stories, which is something they always want to do, so you must have tuckered them out. :)

  2. Yes, I think I did!! First time I think they were more tired than mema! lol They played pretty hard! We had a good time!