Tuesday, March 25, 2014


A few scenes that remind me of the past!  Hard to believe how many years it's been since I roamed the streets of Isabella as a child and teenager.  Lots of good memories!
Sister, JoAnn, Brother, Kenny, Sister, JoyBelle, and their little friends.
Picture taken in front yard of the homeplace. JoAnn and Kenny have gone on to be with the Lord.  Joy, the oldest, and me the baby of the family are left.

Me, at 2, posing for a pic!

The homeplace where I and my sisters and brother grew up.  It looks a little worse for the wear now and was a bright sunny yellow for many years.  So many happy times here!

Little Red School House across the road from our place where I went to school through the 8th grade.

The Patzkowski place a few miles west of Isabella on Isabella road.  Went by this place often on our way to shop in the big city of Fairview!

Windmill on Isabella road.  All that is left of a homestead. Love windmills! Brings back memories of a simpler time!!

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