Friday, March 28, 2014

Bradley's Birthday!

41 years ago today we were blessed when a sweet blue-eyed little cutie came into this world!! He had 2 brothers, Scott, 9 years old, and Terry, 7 years old waiting on him when he got home.  It was quite a change having a baby in the family again after 7 years, but what a fun little guy he was, and I was never lacking for help with him, although there was some grumbling at times if they thought they were having to put up with little brother a little too much!  I have watched Bradley grow from a troubled teenager due to losing his beloved dad and best friend, Oren, when Bradley was 13 to leukemia, and after about 10 years of searching and looking for peace in all the wrong places, Bradley finally found that peace in God who filled the hole in his heart left by the loss of his dad.  What an awesome change in his life!! He has grown into a godly, loving, husband, dad of 3 precious little boys,  brother, and a son to to be very proud of!! Thank you Bradley for blessing our lives every day! Happy Birthday, Bradley Ross Wimer,  Love you so much!

Mom and Bradley

Dad & Bradley

Smiley Little Bradley

Mom made big brothers pose with little brother, not happy as you can tell!
Of course, maybe I made them do this a few too many times! lol
Brad, Marshalene, and his precious little family now, Hunter, Winston, and Remington!!

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