Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursdays Means Fun At Mema's House!!

For 5 years now since Hunter was 3 months old Thursdays has meant Mema's day with some little boys!  These little guys keep me on my toes and busy thinking up things to do to keep them entertained.  They are such a blessing to me!  Come fall things will change some because Hunter will start to kindergarten and be going to school all day, so each Thursday is really special now knowing one little guy is growing up and moving on.  There are so many memories of these last years watching him grow from sweet little baby boy to the little man who now makes me stretch myself to keep up with his bright inquisitive mind!  Love these little boys and looking forward to many more years of watching them grow!!

Hunter and Winston speeding on their way to the little creek and to see the neighbor's horse!

Watch us, here we go, Mema!!

Winston is taking the lead!!

Then we have little Remington waiting in the wings for his turn with mema!!

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