Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blessings, Fun, Nature, Storms, & Memorial Day Weiner Roast!!

There have been so many blessings, fun times, making memories and just enjoying each day!!  These are some pics of our lives the last few weeks!!
Little Remington enjoying a sunny day in the tree swing!  Love his little wrinkle nose smiles!!

Mama's Little Helper

A rainbow a few weeks ago that lasted just a very few minutes!  I almost missed it running for my camera!!

Snack time at our fun little fishing outing!!

Look At Those Smiles!!

Okay, mama, let's catch a big one!!

Through The Trees

Kildeer Eggs In Our Backyard

Impromptu Weiner Roast Mother's Day evening!  Hadn't planned this, but was such a nice evening for it!

Mailbox cover Bob made me for Mother's Day!! I love it!!

One Of Our Georgeous Fairview Sunsets

Bob's garden boxes he made, so we don't have to stoop, squat, or just generally ruin our backs anymore!! Love these, so handy to work in!!

We're getting a new neighbor just southeast of us!! A local pharmacist is having a Richardson home built.

Mama Kildeer and her four babies who hatched from the eggs in the above picture!! Cute, cute little birds, and they are up and running as soon as they are born!

Love My Flowers!!



Beautiful Sunset Shining On The Wheatfield

Puffy Clouds  With The Sun Shinning On Them

Front moving on, we missed out on the rain in this one!
Grandson, Kyler getting ready to go fishing at our Memorial Day Penner family reunion!!
Proud of this young man!  He passed his lifeguard certification and will be working full time at the city pool this summer!!
Scott and Kyler getting ready to go fishing!
Sweet nieces, Katie and Paityn from eastern Kansas!!
More nieces, Marla, Shelly, Paityn, and Katie all from easten Kansas!
Hunter and Brad trying to catch the big one!!
Marshalene, Remington, and Deirdre enjoying the beautiful evening!!
Sis, Joy, and cousins, Milton, Lavada, & Laverda visiting!!
Papa, Brad & Winston

Standing Guard North Of Geary

The backside of the storm that devastated Moore, Oklahoma.
This pic was taken between Geary and I-40 probably just about the time it was moving through Moore or shortly afterwards!
So proud of this young man, our grandson, Gage, who graduated recently from Blanchard High with honors!! He will be going to OBU in Shawnee in the fall with a football scholarship. We are happy for him and know that he is super excited for fall to get here!!
Blanchard High school principal congratulating Gage!
Sweet little Winston getting ready to blow out his candles on his birthday cupcake!!  Happy 3rd Birthday, Winston!!
There he blows!! Good job Winston!!
Remington not to sure what he's supposed to do with this!!
He figured it out!!  Happy 1st Birthday, Remington!!