Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Random Pics Of Some Recent Happenings!!

Random pics of some recent activities!  I will post captions later when I have more time.  With spring finally getting here I find myself getting busier everyday!! So glad to see all the green, and the yellow around the countryside is beautiful!!

Little Miss (neighbor kitty) coming to call for her daily bowl of milk!!

Some of the following pics show the devastation of the tornado at Canton Lake a couple of years ago and also the result of OKC draining so much water out of the lake due to the drought.  So hard to look at some of these pics!  It will take a long time for the lake to be back to what it once was!

Sandy Cove Beach, lots of sand, not much water!
Thunder Road is still a pretty drive though!
Sparkling Water & Wind Generators
Need lots of water in the river!!
You can tell how wide it is when water is up to normal!
Sad looking trees on the Canadian side of the lake!
Mama keeping an eye on her little ones!
Near the near the boat dock on the Canadian side of the lake.

Looks like he's ready to fight!
Canola field and pump jack west of Fairview on highway 60.
Beautiful canola just west of town!
Old Barn West Of Town
Finally getting to pot some flowers!!

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