Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day, Flowers, & Garden Boxes!!

Lot's of busy things happening around Mema & Papa's house!! We have had just incredible weather for late spring and almost summer! Rain just when we need it and some lovely cooler temps than usual for this time of the year.  It has been great for growing things and outside activities. 

Remington is ready for his hotdog!! This little guy can really eat!!

Relaxing with good conversation!!

Perfect for each other!!

Don't let that other guy fool you, this is the real Dave, not a serious bone in his body, lol!!!

Susan enjoying the evening with family!

Papa with his boys!!

Papa and Remington enjoying the swing!

Winston taking some time out to get acquainted with the neighbors horses.

Daddy and his little boy sharing a moment!

Our little firebug, Hunter!  He takes after his daddy, lol!!

Love this ice, mema, on a warm evening!  Flies don't bother me!

Just relaxing!! This is our little thinker, Hunter!

Mommy and Winston sharing a sweet moment!

Hollyhocks in full bloom!

The first daisy to open up fully!!

Butterfly enjoying a sip!! Love the daisies!!!

Things are coming along in the flowerbeds!! Will soon have more blooming!

Bob's garden boxes overflowing!  We will be eating cukes, squash, and maybe some tomatoes in a week or two.

A stormy evening recently.

When we moved here 13 years ago this other than 1 cedar tree was the only big tree in the yard, and I love trees, so over the years we have planted more trees, fruit and shade.

That lone tree now has maple, pine, and fruit trees growing near it.  Every time we get a windstorm, I think the old tree is going to go, and we lose lots of limbs from it.  I think in the old prairie days these big cottonwoods were called widow makers because they were so bad about losing limbs in storms!


We also planted all the hedges in front of the house, and a crabapple and flowering plum tree
We added a double garage, and there is a fairly large cellar under the garage floor which we have used several times over the years!!


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