Thursday, July 18, 2013

New Roof!!

Kind of excited about getting a new roof after 13 years!! Wind and hail damage finally caught up with it, and the insurance company totaled it after the last strong wind and hail we had.  We had Salazar roofing out of Yukon do it for us, and they are really fast workers.  They arrived about 9 yesterday morning, and by 3:30 they were done and had all the mess cleaned up.  You could hardly tell by the yard that they had even been here.  We would recommend them.  Another crew will be back in a few days to put a patio roof up for us.  Really looking forward to having a cover over the patio after all these years of sun burning in the patio doors to the kitchen, and it will be nice to be able to enjoy our patio more!.

Pots doing well with the cooler temps we've had!!

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  1. 13 years is actually still not long enough, considering the life expectancy of such roof. It can last twofold that period. All the same, this was a good excuse for a sudden home makeover, right? ;) Sarai@
    Edmunds General Contracting