Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Catching Up

Haven't been keeping up very well lately, so decided this nice cool, wet day is a good time to that!!  We have been blessed with extraordinary weather for July in Oklahoma!! Nearly 3 inches on of rain in the last two weeks, lovely cool temps, and the best part no severe weather with the rain not here anyway.  I have been able to capture a few pics of the beautiful clouds and rain moving in.  Guess I won't have to move to Colorado after all!! lol 
Raindrops & puddles!!

Just Before Sundown

Early One Morning!

Break Of Dawn

Fire east of Hennessy that we saw coming home from Stillwater a couple of days ago!

Flowers are loving this gorgeous weather!!


Yellow squash trying to take over the flowerbed!

Gerbera Daisy After The Rain

Canna Blooms

Tiger Canna

Yellow Canna

Look closely, and you can see my furry friend hiding!!

Flowers looking great with the cooler temps and rain!

This little gal has about decided that this is home! Actually she is the neighborhood kitty.  Several of us feed her!

Rain moving in from the east last night.  These clouds looked ominous, but we just got some really nice rain!!



Sun shining through the clouds making a rainbow!