Saturday, February 2, 2013


You can ask these little guys what happens on Thursdays, and they will tell you, "we go to mema's house"!  Since Hunter was about 3 months old mema starting keeping these little boys for the day, so mommy could get a little break, and mema could have some special time with them.  Winston stays with mema in the morning while Hunter is at pre-k, then we pickup Hunter, go to Taco Mayo to meet mommy and Remington for lunch, then Hunter stays with mema in the afternoon.  Well, now there are 3 little boys, and Marshalene said the other day that Hunter asked when Remington would stay with mema, and she asked him if he wanted to give up his time sometimes so Remington could stay with mema.  Guess he thought a minute and finally said  "when he, Hunter, was older and didn't stay at mema's anymore then Remington could stay at mema's"! lol  These little boys are such a blessing to Bob and I, and they do keep us young and moving!!

Winston making a cake!!
vinegar, soda, flour, water, sprinkles, and food coloring, and a little liquid bath soap!

Hunter giving mema his funny face!!
See the Candy Land game, he beats me 4 out of 5 times!!


  1. AND...what a blessing you are to them! There isn't a day that goes by they don't talk about their Mema Truitt! You make them feel so special and loved! I'm pretty sure that if we gave them a choice of who to live with...they would choose you! :) Thursday's is a day we look forward to each week! THANK YOU!!! We love you!!!

  2. Truly goes both ways!! Those little guys are so special, and I can't even remember what it was like before they came into our family. Amazing isn't it!!!
    We love you too!!