Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recent Happenings!!

These are just a few of the events in our lives recently.  So thankful for our health and a full, busy life to spend time with our friends and family!! Each day has it's challenges, but we know that the Lord is with us every moment and will direct our steps if we will just listen for Him! We are blessed!! 

Sun going down and shining through the trees where Bob hunted deer this year.

Bob removing the cover from his deerstand to put up until next season. Bob didn't get to hunt much this year due to his upcoming heart surgery and recuperation.  He is doing great and hopes to get in some serious hunting next year!
Wind generators by Canton Lake.
Hunter playing with Bloonies!
Mema got to keep Remington recently while mommy and daddy had other plans.  He's such a sweet happy little guy, and you can see that Sissy Cat was keeping him company too!!
This is the innards of our Samsung tv.  Recently we had been having a lot of trouble getting it to turn on.  I did some research on the internet and found that this is a common problem with this model tv.  Anyway after watching a tutorial and getting the  needed parts, Bob and I set out last Saturday to see if we could repair it and save us several hundred dollars in repairs and parts bills. I had ordered the hopefully needed parts online, and we proceeded to dismantle the tv.   After removing many screws and getting the back off, Bob then had to remove the defective part which was soldered in, then solder the new one, (capacitor) in.
With that accomplished and back put back on we held our breath and turned it on.  Whoo hooo!! It came on first try and has been working great ever since, and the parts cost us a total of $14.95!  So now I  have a tv repairman living here!!
Praise the Lord, moisture in the form of some big, beautiful, wet flakes!! Don't know for sure how much we wound up with, but it snowed all day, and there were still several inches on the ground this morning!!! So, so thankful for the moisture!
Loved watching this coming down!!

Frosted Bushes!!

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