Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saylor's One!!

Saturday this precious little girl turned one!! We just love her so much!  She is such a happy little sweetie and makes our hearts melt.  She had a rocky start, but, she's is doing so well now.  She is crawling, loves to play patty cake, and just has the sweetest smile all the time.  Well, maybe not when she's needing a nap! lol  Happy 1st Birthday, little Saylor Grace!! We love you!!

Sweet Little Saylor Grace
Love the little teeth showing! 
Mama & funny baby!!
Mema gets to cuddle Saylor!
Saylor's sweet mommy & daddy, Chelsea and Cody.


  1. Awww...she has changed since I've seen her last and looks so big! What a cutie! Can't believe she's a year! Great pictures!

  2. She really has changed! She's a little sweetie! When I first held her she just cuddled right into my neck. Wish you could have been here. They were only here about an hour or so. Cody needed to get home and feed cattle before the storm. I told Chelsea that you and I would try to get over there before long and check out her new shop. Guess it is doing good. Scott was here also.