Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Grandbaby!!


Oh, my, what a difference a few months makes.  This little sweetie, Saylor Grace, is now one little chunky monkey, and the happiest little gal you ever saw.  She had a rocky start being born too early and a sick little girl, but it didn't take her long to catch up.   She brings such joy to mommy & daddy and of course all the grands and aunts and uncles.  She and mommy and daddy will soon be moving to Ardmore, so it won't be as easy to just jump in the car and go see her.  Missing her already! 

From this at 3 weeks,

To this at 7 months!!
Aunt Marshalene sure looks good holding a little girl!!

Funny girl found her tongue!

Can you tell mema loves her?

1 month later at 8 months, and she loves her bouncy toy!!

And she's reading!!
What a smart little girl! Go Saylor!



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