Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Beauty & Fun From The Last Few Days!

It has been a hot, hot week, but even so have been blessed with sweet times with grandkids and had a most welcome rain shower topped off with the most gorgeous double rainbow I've seen in a  long time! God is good!!!
Happy Little Saylor Grace!
Got to spend some time with this little cutie and her sweet mama this week! Love Saylor's smiles and baby talk!

Winston having fun with markers at mema's house!
He's a sweet, busy little guy!!

Winston's play dough man he made!!
It can see front and sideways at the same time!

Mema & Hunter's play dough men!
Didn't get pic of Hunter, but we had fun making vinegar and baking soda volcanos, playing with trains, and watching videos!!
Oriole getting a drink this evening in the 100's temps.
I think all creatures are so ready for fall to get here!
Beautiful double rainbow last night after the surprise, but very welcome shower we had!!

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