Thursday, June 26, 2014

More Flowers From My Garden!

Flowers, continued!!!!!  Loving all the flowers that are finally blooming out! The weather, rain, and cooler temps have been perfect for them! Thank you, Lord for your many blessings!


Barrel planter coming along nicely!

Love my lacy lavender, white, and pink cosmos!

Painted daisies putting on a show!!

Amaryllis starting to bloom!

2nd blooming for this pretty pink knockout rose bush from Brad and Marshalene for Mother's Day!

Butterfly bush blooming out!

Indian Blanket Daisy

Black Eyed Susan Daisy!

Petunia's looking good in the barrel planters!

Little different painted daisy!


Tiger Lily

More Beautiful Painted Daisies!

A gorgeous sunset to finish off the day!


  1. Your're flowers and sunset are stunning! I love summer!

    1. Thanks, Cheri! They are 2 of my favorite blessings. Love nature!