Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Family Fun!

Love family time!! It makes this mom/mema happy, and papa too!
Bubble Fun!!

Little brother trying to keep up with big brother!!

This little guy climbs up on everything! Scares Mema half to death.  This is mild compared to some of the things you find him up on, trees, roofs, tall, I mean tall, poles!

Scott just relaxing and visiting.

Okay, next thing is chasing each other with cottonwood branches!

Neighbor, Randy,  brought his kite out to let the little boys learn to fly a kite!

Funny Boy!

This pic cracks me up! You can see that the little guys were really excited about taking pictures! lol
Ummm, this was one of the better ones!
Picture courtesy of my neighbor, Betty!! Thanks, Betty!

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