Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wimer Thanksgiving 2013

We celebrated Wimer Thanksgiving the Sunday after Thanksgiving which just happened to be the 4th Thanksgiving dinner for us!  Lots of food, fellowship, and fun as usual! Love it! Here's a few pics of my fun, zany, lovable Wimer bunch!! All were here but Terry's family and hopefully next year we'll have the whole crew of Wimers!  These pics were a dual effort. Marshalene and I both took pics with my camera since she didn't bring hers. She got all the pics of the rodenator operation!  Small clue here, Brad is working the rodenator in some of these pics! Explanation to follow!! lol

Getting ready to enjoy the meal, and over eat! lol

One Of Our Little Cuties!!

Plate's full, let's eat!

Beautiful afternoon for some football fun!

Catch that Cody!

Chelsea and Cody funnin' around!

Scott and Cody checking out Kyler's car.

Kyler got his license last week, so he's good to go!

Just enjoying the beautiful day!

Sweet dad and daughter moment!

Happy Little Guy!

The rodenator getting ready to chase off those pesky little critters. Scott and Kyler giving him moral support and advice! lol

Gotta protect those ears from the big boom!

Neighbor, Randy, overseeing the operation!

We're all waiting!

Some of us from a distance!

Here goes!

Success, blast off!!!

Winston staying way far away from this operation...
but Saylor's right there giving Uncle Brad some advice! lol

Okay moving on to the next gopher run!
Think this is the spot!
Well, now wonder if they really know what they are doing? Mom's worry about those things, ya know!
Pretty Baby Girl!
I see just a little look of oneriness amongst all that sweetness!
Show her how Grandpa!
Mama's turn to show her what to do!
Visiting the neighbors to the north.
Granddaughter, Chelsea, sells Zebra candle products, and the guys are testing the fragrances!
Brad's reaction cracks me up here!
Sweet mama and tired baby girl!
Think this pretty mama and little boy are winding down also.  Busy day!
These little guys taking a break!  Watching Lion King.
Okay, he's done! Dad's lap is a good place to take a nap!

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